Realizing truth (nsfw)

(Actual Events)     Posing for Life Drawing Classes(which I began doing in 1996),looking back on why I started modeling ..1.I had seen a ad in a small weekly publication aimed at the Arts/entertainment etc..on the back page there where always :Classified ads  A want ad titled ” Life Drawing Models wanted”..myself ,one whom loves to draw,loves the arts,nudity never bothered me and being self-employed as a carpenter,I felt I needed a social life,….so I called the number shown,,it was “Davenport Museum of Arts”..within a week I was posing nude,within a month I was posing for 3 different College Life Drawing Classes as well.
In one College class,there was a black male student(I’ll call him William)..he ask me if I ever surf the web when we where chatting during a break between long poses, I replied ” I didn’t have a computer,yet had thought of getting one.
The following week I was setting at a desk,trying to figure out this new gaget in front of me called a “personal computer,had it hooked to my phone..and boom,I was looking at the “World Wide Web”.
I modeling for the college weekly that William attended Thursday evening,so naturally when Thursday night arrived and I spotted William..I told him I was able to surf the web ,his reply was “cool”,,then he told me to download “yahoo chat”,and what his screen name was. After class that night I was soon on yahoo chat and chatting with William.
He and I soon where chatting nightly,and had been for several weeks,then one night he asked me if I would come pose for him at his place,I told him sure,or he could come to my place(I was single with my own house). Soon we agreed this coming weekend would work,saturday afternoon.
Saturday arrived,and found William and alone,myself posing nude,as he sketched me,,we chatted,as he sketched to a degree,,he then asked if any guys ever hit on me,I replied” not yet” ,his reply was ” I am surprised,as good a shape your in,handsome and all”..replying,I just silly like ” I guess ,I just ain’t been lucky”. He sketched in silence awhile, then asked “you ever been with a guy? “..When I was young,I sucked a black guys cock few times.William then asks…”how old was he?”….(conversation)
Michael- “he was my age ..13”
William-“did you like it”
Michael-“yes,,very much so”
William-“did he climax in your mouth”
William-“did you swallow all of his cum”
William-“like it”
Michael-“loved it,wished he had lots more,lol”
William-“how big was his cock?”
Michael-“big, his told me 8 inches”
William-“where you able to takes it all it your mouth?”
Michael-“yes, til it went down my throat”
William-“would you like to suck mine,I am about 9.5 inches”
Michael-“I hoped you would ask me”
William-“ok,..I really like you to”
Michael-“can I see it?”
(William stands and pulls his down and off,he nearly fully erect)
Michael-“Oh my!, you are big”
(Michael walks to him,get down on his knees,takes William’s cock in one hand,and brings the head of it to his lips,licks the wetness leaking out,looking up at William)
Michael-“oh you taste good!”
(Michael now ,takes about 4 inches in his own mouth,starts using his tongue exploring within )
William-” oh you sure it been that ago,sense you had cock in your”
(Michael withdraws cock from mouth,looks up)
Michael-“for a long long time I have want to..believe me!”
(Michael resumes sucking…William begins moaning fairly loud)
William-” yes,I think you might of found your true purpose”

Michael takes William to climax,swallows.They set time in a few days to meet again,Michael asks William at this time if he will go inside of his bottom “breed him” at this time Michael likes to use terms “breeding,bred”..he doesn’t like “fuck term” in this context,it is vulgar etc.













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